MAISON de BEAUTE | The highest quality nail salon in Pasadena, CA 91101


Welcome to MAISON de BEAUTE

"House of Beauty" in French.

We are a beauty-dedicated space for modern and luxurious artistry.

Japanese gel is a higher quality product that is pigmented (which helps create detailed designs), non-toxic 5-Free (free of 5 of the more toxic ingredients that some traditional colors use, thus less allergic reactions), long lasting, and easy to soak off without damaging your nails.

Come in and relax while the Professional Nail Care
experts transform your nails

Our job extends beyond merely providing nail service; we also strive to uplift every client’s mood and emotions.

We do not only provide a nail service, but help our clients have a better day, and feel the self-love they deserve in every interaction with our staff members.

We are committed to warmly welcome our clients and offer a quiet and therapeutic service; we know how important a moment of relaxion is for every client.

Be beautiful

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Address: 850 E Green St,
Pasadena, CA 91101


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