MAISON de BEAUTE | The highest quality nail salon in Pasadena, CA 91101

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Welcome to MAISON de BEAUTE

We are a beauty-dedicated space for modern and luxurious nail artistry. We specialize on all types of gel techniques such as hard gel/overlay/gel builder, Gel-X, Dip Powder, and all type of designs, using high end material such as Japanese Gel which is our upmost high standard type of gel polish. 

At our salon we are dedicated to the art of indulgent nail care, creating an oasis of opulence where our cherished clientele finds it as a place of pampering and self-care at its highest expression, while enjoying a sip of Mimosa or Champagne.

Here at Maison de Beaute, we have the right nail artist that will exceed our clientele expectations and needs, regardless of what service is requested and as a plus to our commitment to our standards we offer a 7 days warranty of any chipped polish, sheer polish. No Warranty for broken nails and nail biting.

Our job extends beyond merely providing nail service; we also strive to uplift every client’s mood and emotions.

We do not only provide a nail service, but help our clients have a better day, and feel the self-love they deserve in every interaction with our staff members.

We are committed to warmly welcoming our clients and offer a quiet and therapeutic service; we know how important a moment of relaxation is for every client.

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Address: 850 E Green St,
Pasadena, CA 91101

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