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At MAISON de BEAUTE, our primary aim is to create a serene and relaxed environment where every customer feels the tranquility of our top-notch pampering services.

MAISON de BEAUTE stands out as one of the top-notch nail salons in the area of South Lake Ave, Pasadena. Our mission is to ensure your experience with our services truly unforgettable and delightful.

At the same time, hygiene is a top priority at MAISON de BEAUTE. Staff are highly and extensively trained to follow a proper sanitization protocol with our client's hygiene, as our utmost priority. We provide all type of service for mani and pedi, using high end products, such as Japanese gel, dip powder, gel X, hard gel and many more.  All procedures are done with liner protection.

Come to MAISON de BEAUTE when life is not perfect, but your nails can be!