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Appointment Change and Cancellation Policy:

We understand that circumstances may require adjustment to your scheduled appointments. To ensure a fair and efficient process, we have established the following policies:

1. Free Changes or Cancellations: You may change or cancel your appointment without incurring any charges if the request is made at least 24 hours before your scheduled time.

2. Repeated Cancellations or No-Show: Repeated cancellations or failure to attend appointments (No-Show) may result in a deposit required prior to your service. We value your time and the time of our staff, and this policy is in place to ensure the efficient operation of our scheduling system.

3. On-Time Arrival: We kindly request your punctuality, your promptness is crucial to keep our schedule running smoothly for both sides, clients and our staff.

4. Late Arrival Charges: If you arrive more than 15 mins late, a charge of $1 per minute will be applied thereafter. We want to provide an exceptional service to all our clients, and timely arrivals contribute to this goal. If you surpass the 15-minute grace period, your booking might be canceled immediately (upon our availability).

5. Nail Fix: We exclusively address and fix the nails that require attention, focusing on specific areas of concern rather than altering the entire set, we will match the existing set, and there will not be color or design changes.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, including but not limited to;

• Anyone with contagious nail conditions

• Anyone with infected/open wounds in the treatment area

• Anyone with ill/contagious health conditions

• Anyone who has inappropriate behaviors towards our technicians or customers